EMC Emissions Equipment:
  • Shielded Room 3.6m X 2.4m X 2.4m with absorber
  • EMI Receivers to 3GHz.
  • Spectrum Analyzers to 22GHz
  • Magnetic Field Antennae 9kHz to 30MHz.
  • Electric Field Antennae 30MHz. to 18GHz.
  • Absorbing Clamp
  • Power Line LISN's


Immunity Test Equipment:
  • ESD gun to 30kV
  • Fast transient to 4kV, 1MHz.
  • Surge to 2kV
  • Conducted RF immunity to 10V
  • Radiated RF immunity to 3GHz. in TEM cell
  • 50Hz. magnetic field immunity
  • RF amplifiers - 10W to 250MHz; 3W to 500MHz.  1W to 5GHz


Testing of:
  • Lighting Products
  • Entertainment equipment
  • Information technology Equipment
  • Domestic appliances
  • Product development
  • EMC modifications and fixes